Starting from 1 January 2015 all individuals and legal entities were granted an access to the information about the rights to real estate registered in the State Register of Proprietary Rights to Real Estate ('Register').

The procedure of obtaining of information from the Register was approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 722 dated 24 December 2014 ('Procedure') in accordance with the Law of Ukraine No. 1701 dated 14 October 2014 "On Amending of Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Identification of End Beneficiaries of Legal Entities and Public Figures".

The principal innovation of the Procedure is a possibility to obtain information from the Register in electronic form using the site of SE Information Centre of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine here. For such purposes it is required to undergo the registration procedure: to indicate the name and surname, tax ID, series and number of passport for individuals and the name and tax ID for legal entities. The responsibility for correctness of such data shall be incurred by the applicant.

According to the Procedure the search of information in the Register may be performed based on the following criteria: identification characteristics of the real estate object (address, identification or cadastral number) or subject of the proprietary rights (name and surname of individual, name of the legal entity). Currently the search can be launched based on the identification characteristics of real estate object only.

The electronic information reference generated by the system shall contain the information about the real estate object available as per the respective date in the Register. It should be noted that as of today the Register does not contain much information, significant part of the information about proprietary rights to real estate still exists only in the paper form. It is planned that starting from 1 March 2015 it will be possible to obtain the detailed information reference at the applicant's request, which may also contain the information about the transaction history with the real estate object.

For obtaining of the electronic information reference from the Register UAH 21 will be charged (official fee of UAH 17 and UAH 4 of commission fee charged by the payment system) via the electronic payment system.

Currently there are certain problems and technical drawbacks in operation of electronic system of obtaining of information from the Register (in particular, it is impossible to launch a search based on the cadastral number of the land plot), the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine proceeds with their rectification.

Apart from the above, it is possible to obtain the information from the Register in the paper form, by obtaining an extract, statement or information reference.

Specifically, the owner, rightholder, successor(s), as well as individuals in whose interests the encumbrances have been established, are entitled to obtain the extract about their rights; owners and rightholders are entitled to obtain a statement about the persons, who obtained information about registered rights and encumbrances regarding real estate owned by such owners and rightholders and every person is entitled to obtain the information from the Register in the form of information reference. State registrars and notaries are entitles to issue the information from the Register in the paper form. The procedure of obtaining of such documents in principal remains the same as before. Fees for obtaining of the information from the Register in the paper form are UAH 120 for the extract and UAH 34 for the information reference.