Investing in contract management technology can help you reduce revenue leakage, mitigate risk and reveal commercially beneficial ways to improve your business — but how do you identify the right solution to meet your unique challenges? And once you’ve identified that solution, how do you make the case for that solution to the C-suite?

Exigent’s new guide, Corporate Counsels and Contract Management: A Guide to Making the Case for Technology, dives deeper into the ins and outs of legal technology. It provides some key questions to ask to identify the right solution for your business, including: What are your security needs? What functionality is and isn’t necessary? How much training will members of your organization need to use the new technology?

Additionally, the guide outlines the process for effectively communicating the value of a technology investment to executives. By engaging with the right people early on and approaching them with concrete evidence of the need for and value of a technology investment, you’ll be more likely to sway your executives in your favor.

Learn more about identifying the right solution for your business, conveying the “why” for that solution to your C-suite and the future of legal technology by downloading the guide.