As of August 25, 2009, the U.S. Department of Labor added new features to its iCERT system. The new upgrades include: (1) the ability to withdraw certified Labor Condition Applications (LCA) online; (2) the ability for Main Account Holders to grant account permission to their Associate Accounts; (3) the ability for Associate Account Holders to create profiles for companies and attorney information that will pre-fill certain portion of the LCA form; (4) the ability for the Main Account Holder to specify company information to pre-populate Associate Account Holders' applications; (5) copy the Attorney/Agent on e-mails containing the certification and denial reason(s) that were previously sent only to the employer's main contact e-mail; (6) an enhanced User Guide detailing more application features; and (5) other enhancements to make the system more usable and easier to navigate.