The Legislative Yuan approved amendments to the Labor Standards Act on November 27, 2015, major contents included: (1) an employer may enter into a non-competition agreement with an employee governing the conduct of the employee after termination of his employment, provided that the employer has legal interests that should be protected and the employee was in contact with or used the trade secrets in the course of employment; the period of non-compeition shall not exceed two years, and the employer shall provide reasonable compensation to the employee, which compensation shall be in addition to the wages payable to the employee during the course of employment; (2) an employer shall relocate an employee only when arising out of business necessity, and when the employer has no improper motive and the employee’s working conditions are not unfavorably altered; the employer shall also provide necessary assistance to the employee if the new location is far away; and (3) an employer may enter into an agreement with an employee requiring the latter to serve a minimum period of time, but only if the employer pays for the cost of an employee’s professional or skills training, or if the employer pays reasonable compensation for the minimum employment period; however, if the employee is terminated before the expiry of the minimum period due to causes not attributable to the employee’s fault, then the employee shall not be liable for breach of the agreement.