ESMA publishes Japan EMIR equivalence advice: ESMA has published a supplement to its final report on the regulatory equivalence of Japan under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR). Previously ESMA had advised the Commission of Japan's equivalence for CCPs which clear transactions relating to securities, currencies, interest rates, credit, weather, GDP and other indices. The supplementary advice confirms ESMA also considers that the Japanese regulatory regime for CCPs that clear commodities transactions contains legal provisions and involves supervision and enforcement similar to that of EMIR. A covering letter from ESMA explains to the Commission that it had not realised at the time it prepared its original advice that there were separate arrangements in place for clearing commodities transactions in Japan. (Source: ESMA Publishes Japan EMIR Equivalence Advice and ESMA Letter to Commission on Japan Equivalence)

ESMA publishes responses to MAR implementation: ESMA has published the responses on its discussion paper on possible implementation measures under MAR. (Source: Responses to MAR Implementation)