The Government of Russia has approved new Rules on Rendering Hotel Services of 9 October 2015 (the Rules), which came into force on 21 October 2015. The Rules were elaborated by the Ministry for Culture of Russia in order to adjust it to the legislation in force and improve the regulation of the industry.

The new Rules are binding for the hotels and other accommodation facilities, except for tourist bases, camping sites, etc. Some novelties provided by the act are mentioned below.

‘Guaranteed’ and ‘Non-Guaranteed’ Booking

The ‘booking’ is now defined in the Rules and means the advance order of places and/or rooms in the hotel by the customer (guest). The Rules provide for two categories of booking: guaranteed and non-guaranteed.

The guaranteed booking implies that the hotel keeps the room for the guest starting the check-in time of the contemplated date of arrival until the check-out time of the following day. In case of late cancellation of booking, late arrival or no-show by the guest, the hotel is entitled to the compensation for the actual downtime of the room. Such compensation must not exceed the 24-hour price of the relevant room. If the customer delays the arrival for more than 24 hours, the hotel is entitled to annul the booking unilaterally.

Under the non-guaranteed booking the room is kept for the guest until the time set by the hotelier. After that time the booking may be annulled by the hotel.

The booking becomes valid upon receipt of the relevant confirmation from the hotel by the guest. The requisites of such notification are listed in the Rules.

Check-Out Time

The new definition of ‘check-out time’ means the time set by the hotelier for the check-in and check-out of customers. The period between the check-in and check-out time may not be longer than 2 hours.

The hotelier is now entitled to set the payment procedure with respect to the delayed check-out at its own discretion (earlier such procedure was regulated in imperative manner). The price for the accommodation of hotel guests before the check-in time (for the period from midnight until the check-out time) must not exceed the half-price of the room per day irrespectively of the duration of stay.

Information on Hotel Services to Be Allocated in Hotel and Internet

The information on hotel services is to be available for the customers. For such purpose, the Rules oblige the hotel to allocate such information in the reception zone and on the Internet.

The list of information on hotel services has been slightly amended.

List of Documents Required from Guest is Amended

Section 19 of the Rules provides for the amended list of documents required from the guest for the conclusion of the hotel services agreement. For the Russian citizen such documents are the Russian Federation passport or the USSR passport (if valid) for adults, and birth certificate for children under 14.

Major Hotels Shall Render 24-Hour Services

Under the Rules major hotels (more than 50 rooms) are obliged to render day and night services to customers, while minor accommodation facilities are entitled to set the regime of services on their own.

The new Rules are approved by the Decree of the Government of Russia No. 1085 dated 9 October 2015.