In Actelion Pharm, Ltd. v. Matal, No. 17-1238 (Fed. Cir. Feb. 6, 2018), the CAFC affirmed the district court’s finding in favor of the USPTO regarding a patent term adjustment determination. With its application entitled “Pyridin-4-yl Derivatives,” Actelion submitted a USPTO form which provides checkboxes for the applicant to indicate information on the national stage application. Actelion failed to check the checkbox corresponding to an express request to begin national examination procedures, though it did include a statement soliciting early examination. On appeal, the CAFC held that although use of the USPTO form is optional, and although checking the checkbox is not the only way to make a request for early entry, Actelion’s statement was too generic and ambiguous to make its intentions clear, and thus affirmed the USPTO’s determination.