A general practitioner was convicted of 16 fraud charges for altering patient records, including writing false clinical notes and false prescriptions to obtain additional Primary Health Organisation funding. The amount obtained by the fraudulent conduct was $183,134.59. The Tribunal found that the practitioner's convictions reflected adversely on his fitness to practise. When considering penalty, the Tribunal noted that the amount defrauded put the offending at the higher end of comparable cases and that the false clinical notes had put patients at risk of harm. The Tribunal commented that "honesty by health practitioners is an essential part of life as a health professional. ... practitioners who contravene this system must [be] (and are) aware that there are serious and significant consequences". The Tribunal suspended the practitioner for 12 months, placed conditions on his return to practise, censured him and ordered costs. Dr Hong Shen Kong (422/Med11/181P).