President/Vice President of the United States

In a close race (50% - 48%), President Barack Obama (D) won a hard-fought re-election bid to earn a second term as President of the United States.  Once again, Ohio was a key battleground state.  For months, and with increasing fervor within the past few weeks, Ohioans were barraged with ads from the candidates and independent groups.  One of the major factors in Obama’s victory was the auto industry bailout, which had a large impact on Ohio jobs.

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U.S. Senator

Incumbent Democrat U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown handily defeated Republican challenger Josh Mandel despite an enormous amount of money spent on advertising intended to defeat Senator Brown, primarily from national independent groups.  This was one of the most expensive and hard-fought races in the country.  Surprisingly, third party candidate Scott Rupert garnered 5% of the vote in Ohio.  Mr. Mandel will continue to serve as Ohio's State Treasurer.

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U.S. House of Representatives (all 16 Districts)

All 16 of Ohio’s newly configured U.S. House seats were up for election, and Republicans maintained a solid majority, winning 12 seats to 4 for Democrats. Ohio favorite son, John Boehner, will likely remain Speaker in the new Congress. 

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The Ohio Senate will remain status quo, with Republicans holding on to their current 23-10 majority.  All incumbents earned the right to continue representing their districts.  Perhaps most notable is Democrat Senator Lou Gentile's win, overcoming large sums spent trying to defeat him.

Ohio House of Representatives (all 99 Districts)

Despite newly configured districts resulting in an abnormally high number of open seats, the makeup of the Ohio House will be largely unchanged in the new General Assembly. At the time of this report, Republicans look to increase their majority to 60-39, although three races may be subject to recount (Districts 5, 7 and 98).  Representative Bill Batchelder will remain Speaker of the Ohio House.

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Justices of the Supreme Court of Ohio

Incumbent Republican Terrence O'Donnell won re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court.  Incumbents, Democrat Yvette McGee Brown and Republican Robert Cupp, were defeated.  The composition of the Court will remain the same with Republican Justices holding a 6-1 majority.

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Statewide Issues

Both statewide issues on the ballot in this year’s election were defeated by resounding margins.  Issue 1, the question of whether to hold a constitutional convention was defeated by a margin of 68% - 32%; Issue 2, the proposal to change Ohio’s process for drawing legislative districts, was defeated by a 63% - 37% margin. The district-drawing process as well as other potential changes to the Ohio Constitution will be reviewed closely by the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission, a non-partisan panel that has been tasked with a comprehensive review of the Constitution, beginning next year.

Issue 1

Shall there be a convention to revise, alter, or amend the Ohio Constitution?

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Issue 2

Shall the state create a state-funded commission to draw legislative and congressional districts?

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