The bill approving the Agreement for the construction of the international road bridge between Carmelo Peralta (Paraguay) and Puerto Murtinho (Brazil) was passed on Wednesday, May 9th by the Chamber of Deputies and awaits the approval of the Executive Branch. On the other hand, the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil approved the same Agreement in a session held last March. The bridge, which will cross the Paraguay River, will be strategic to make viable the International Bi-Oceanic Road Corridor. The project also includes complementary infrastructure works, accesses and border control posts.

The Agreement also creates a Paraguayan-Brazilian Commission composed of representatives of each country, in charge of approving the Binational Terms and Conditions, technical studies, projects and other documents or procedures necessary for the construction of the bridge, as well as awarding the tender and supervising the construction until its completion.

The bridge will not only connect the Brazilian Center-West, the North of Paraguay and the deep-water ports of Chile —with strategic access to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans— but will also involve the construction of the first asphalt road in the Department of Alto Paraguay, which will boost development of the whole Paraguayan Chaco region, raising the quality of life of the inhabitants. The construction of the Paraguayan section of the Bi-Oceanic Corridor between Carmelo Peralta and Loma Plata —which will cover 277 kilometers— would take forty months from the start of the work, whose awarding contract has already been signed in favor of Consorcio Corredor Vial Bioceánico, formed by the company Constructora Queiroz Galvao S.A. of Brazil and Ocho A S.A. from Paraguay.

The Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chamber of Deputies advocates for the implementation of the Agreement and the acceleration of the bidding processes, in order to inaugurate the bridge as soon as possible and connect the Paraguayan section of the Bi-Oceanic Corridor.