TRUSTe released a new detection capability that will allow publishers to track advertisers who use device fingerprinting techniques

According to Opinion 09/2014 on the application of Directive 2002/58/EC to device fingerprinting(“the Opinion) of the European Article 29 Data Protection Working Party, a Device Fingerprint is "a set of information elements that identifies a device or application instance". These information elements allow companies to collect information about users without their consent or knowledge, with no need to make use of cookies. 

Since the Opinion applies the Directive 2002/58/EC (better known as the "Cookie Directive") to all methods of tracking, including device fingerprinting, every website visitor must be aware of the website's (in whole or in part) use of it, and also must be granted an option to opt-out of this method of tracking. 

In view of the fact that device fingerprinting methods are commonly used by advertisers on the publishers' websites without their knowledge, TRUSTe came up with a solution that will allow publishers to identify third party trackers that are using device fingerprinting techniques to collect information about their website visitors. This solution is introduced as part of TRUSTe's Website Monitoring Service, who according to the company, will allow website operators to comply with the Cookie Directive, as well other international legislation.