On 1 October the majority of the Consumer Rights Act comes into force, as scheduled, and on 5 October, on unfinished construction projects where a CDM co-ordinator was appointed before 6 April 2015, the time for appointing a principal designer runs out.

And sometime in the future the government is aiming to establish a Small Business Commissioner offering:

  • general information and advice to help small busi- nesses avoid or resolve disputes;
  • where appropriate, mediation or conciliation;
  • a complaint handling function to look into com- plaints by small businesses about a medium or large business and act as an ‘honest broker’ between the two parties.

The Government is not currently proposing to make particular practices unlawful or to give the Commissioner power to award financial compensation. It does, however, propose that the Commissioner will monitor the reporting, by the UK’s largest businesses (under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015) of their payment policies and practices, naming and shaming poorer performers and naming and celebrating top performers.

See: https://w w w.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/ uploads/attachment_data/f  ile/450695/ BIS-15-438-a-small-business-commissioner.pdf