As we await the anticipated announcement of an immigration Bill in next month's Queen's Speech to reform (in the Home Secretary's words) "complex law and poor enforcement of [UKBA] policies" - including presumably to implement the new structure of the immigration service on the UKBA being broken up (as announced by Theresa May in late March) - this week saw a number of changes to the Immigration Rules coming into effect.

From the perspective of students under Tier 4, the changes relate to the ability of PhD students to stay in the UK for one year beyond the end of their course to find skilled work or set up as an entrepreneur.

There are also changes to:

  • Tier 1, relating to graduate entrepreneurs.
  • The application process relating to the Tier 1 (Exceptional talent) route.
  • Tier 2, regarding intra-company transferees and the resident labour market test.
  • The shortage occupation list and the codes of practice for skilled workers.
  • Provisions relating to family and private life.

In a further development this week, the UKBA has also announced that it has granted London Metropolitan University a fresh Tier 4 licence. A press statement issued by London Metropolitan confirms that the judicial review proceedings commenced on its licence being revoked in August 2012 remains ongoing and is set down for a court hearing in October of this year.