We are keeping a watching brief on the new community right to build powers that have been trailed by housing minister, Grant Shapps. The recent White Paper on local growth makes mention of these, in the context of local communities being enabled "to deliver small-scale development without the need for a separate planning application. By following a simplified neighbourhood planning process, these powers will enable communities to respond quickly to change in development needs" (paragraph 3.10 of the White Paper). This lends weight to the suggestion that community right to build schemes are envisaged for use where land is not already allocated for development in the local plan, and so could be brought forward when circumstances have changed, without having to wait for a review of the local plan. We have reported previously that where a development fits within the local development plan and other planning requirements, the easiest route may well be to go through the traditional planning application process. We hope for more guidance on this in the forthcoming Localism Bill.