North Carolina-based PPD Inc. has reportedly announced a joint venture with Taijitu Biologics Limited to discover novel biotherapeutics. Named BioDuro Biologics, the Singapore-based joint venture, in collaboration with MAB Discovery GmbH in Munich, Germany, “expands PPD’s capability to deliver unique, highly differentiated drug discovery services for biopharmaceutical companies across the globe,” according to PPD.

“Developing a best-in-class, innovative technology platform for the discovery of monoclonal antibodies allows us to continue to deliver highly valued discovery services for our clients in the growing area of large molecule drug discovery,” PPD’s Lee Babiss said. “As PPD continues to invest in drug discovery, we are well-positioned to deliver high quality, innovative drug discovery technologies and expertise that advance our clients’ compounds more quickly and cost efficiently.” See PPD Press Release, January 10, 2011.