According to the TIPO’s publication in Q1 2014, 12,007 applications for new invention patent were filed, an increase of 3.57% from those in Q1 2013; 5,569 applications for new utility model patent were filed, a decrease of 6.72% from those in Q1 2013; and 1,967 new design patent applications were filed, a significant decrease of 22.38% from those in Q1 2013. Additionally, as a result of an increase of examination personnel and implementation of various new measures to expedite the examination process, 16,417 patent applications were concluded, an increase of 21.85% from the total number in Q1 2013. The average examination time was shortened to 35.75 months in March 2014, 8.01 months quicker than that in March 2013. The average time required for the issuance of the first office action was also shortened by 9 months to 26.87 months.

Wade Huang