At FSA’s June Board meeting, it made the following rules:  

  • the Short Selling (No 6) Instrument 2009 took effect from 30 June: it amends MAR in respect of any short position held after that date. FSA confirmed the current disclosure regime will apply without a time limit;  
  • the Fees (Electronic Payments) Instrument 2009 takes effect from 6 August: it amends FEES to allow payments by debit or credit card;  
  • the IPRU(INS) (Other EEA States Insurance Statistics Amendment) Instrument 2009 takes effect from 6 July: it reduces the time within which insurance firms must submit data on their business in other EEA member states; and  
  • the Integrated Regulatory Reporting (Amendment No 5) Instrument 2009 takes effect on 6 July and amends SUP to clarify some reporting requirements.  

FSA also made, on 1 July, the Interim Permitted Sale and Rent Back Activities Instrument 2009. FOS also made part of the instrument, which amends various parts of the Handbook from 1 July to apply it to firms with an interim permission to carry on sale and rent back activities.