Nature Biotechnology Business Editor Brady Huggett recently examined the 2013 surge in biotechnology initial public offerings (IPOs) and considers whether and how long it may last. According to venture-capital experts, the surge was predicted a year ago, after Facebook’s IPO made many investors wealthy, and new money moved down the line to biotech stocks. Given better performance by mature biotech companies, as well as JOBS Act provisions allowing companies to communicate with investors before public disclosure of a potential IPO and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s accelerated approval of biologics in 2012, “the frantic pace of IPOs” apparently combined to help biotechs “go[] supernova in 2013.” Still, some do not compare the current pace with “the zeal in 2000,” when even “mom-‘n-pop retail investors” were seeking to cash in on the news about decoding the human genome. While the surge is not yet over, some expect that pent up demand will be satisfied, investment money  will be used up and the market will return “to a period of normal, natural growth” by the third quarter of 2014. See Nature Biotechnology, December 2013.