In an effort to address growing obesity levels in Ireland, regulations enacted in 1952 stipulating the minimum milk fat, milk solids and sugar content of ice cream have been revoked.

Food Standards (Ice-Cream) (Revocation) Regulations 2017 (the “Regulations”) into law. The effect of the Regulations is to revoke the Food Standards (Ice-cream) Regulations, 1952 (the “1952 Regulations”)

The 1952 Regulations stipulated that ice cream must contain a minimum of 10% by weight of sugar. By specifying minimum sugar levels, the regulations posed problems for manufacturers trying to make healthier ice cream products. Furthermore, the 1952 Regulations caused difficulty for manufacturers seeking to implement the objectives set out in the Department of Health’s publication entitled “A Healthy Weight for Ireland – Obesity Policy and Action Plan”.

Some artisan ice cream producers raised concern with the FSAI that they will be negatively impacted by having to alter their existing recipes. The FSAI confirmed that the aim of the Regulations is to remove the minimum requirements set out in the 1952 Regulations to allow manufacturers to make changes to their recipes, as opposed to compelling manufacturers to make any changes to existing recipes.

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