As across Europe, France has seen new legislation passed banning smoking in public places. Decree n° 2006-1386 dated 15 November 2006 applies to all enclosed and covered public places and workplaces (the Health Minister has indicated that individual offices are also covered) as well as public transport and uncovered school premises. This ban will come into force on 1 February 2007. An extended deadline of 1 January 2008 applies to cafés, bars, restaurants, tobacconists, discotheques and casinos. No smoking signs must be put up in all workplaces and employers must take all reasonable steps to prevent smoking in the workplace. Employers can designate a specific room as a smoking area (but there is no obligation to do so), subject to a number of conditions. These conditions include the biennial consultation of either the company's health and safety committee or employee delegates and an occupational health doctor. Employers who do not comply with the legislation will be subject to fines of up to €750 per offence.