Commission publishes equity exposures regulation: The Commission has published a delegated regulation on regulatory technical standards (RTS) for the transitional treatment of equity exposures under the Internal Ratings Based (IRB) approach. It sets out one condition for granting an exemption. (Source: Regulation on RTS for the Transitional Treatment of Equity Exposures under the IRB Approach)

Commission amends prospectus and accounting standards regulations: The Commission has finalised amendments to regulations:

  • establishing a mechanism for the determination of equivalence of accounting standards applied by third country issuers of securities; and
  • regarding elements related to prospectuses and advertisements.

(Source: Regulation Establishing a Mechanism for the Determination of Equivalence of Accounting Standards Applied by Third Country Issuers of Securities and Regulation Regarding Elements Related to Prospectuses and Advertisements)

Commission welcomes SFTR agreement: The Commission has welcomed the agreement between the European Parliament and Council on the proposal for a regulation on reporting and transparency of securities financing transactions (known as SFTR). The proposed regulation aims to increase the transparency of certain transactions in the shadow banking sector to stop banks circumventing other rules by moving those activities to the shadow banking sector. The formal adoption of the proposal is expected later this year. (Source: Commission Welcomes Agreement on Improving Transparency of Certain Financial Transactions in the Shadow Banking Sector)