Sen. Barbara Boxer has released a document that outlines the principles that she believes must be incorporated into global warming legislation. This is significant because Boxer chairs the Environment and Public Works Committee, which is the Senate committee most likely to prepare and push global warming legislation in the Senate. At the press conference, Boxer repeatedly said that "science will guide the committee" as they work on legislation. When asked about coordinating with the House as it moves forward with their legislation, she responded saying that Representative Waxman, the Chairman of the Energy & Commerce Committee, generally agrees with the principles.

The principles in the one-page document are very general, and no exact emission reduction targets are stated. Rather, the document indicates that targets will be determined according to the reductions that science indicates are necessary to avoid "dangerous global warming." On that note, Boxer said the committee will hold a hearing later this month to hear the most updated scientific evidence.

Other notable principles include the establishment of a transparent and accountable market-based system, ensuring that the effort to combat global warming is international, and not stifling the efforts of individual states.