The overall multiplatform video/media and MCN space continues to be white hot, with accelerating M&A, strategic and venture capital investments, and an ever-growing list of significant strategic partnerships. Tough to keep up with it all, but we at MDM follow the space very closely. To help, here is a scorecard/cheat sheet of key representative (1) M&A, (2) strategic investments, (3) VC investments, and (4) strategic partnerships—most recent first, so that you can get a sense of the accelerating pace, even during the recent purportedly slow-moving dog days of summer:

  1. MCN M&A

Consider all other major vertically focused MCNs to be in play at this point, given all of the M&A activity.

  1. MCN Strategic Investment

As opposed to M&A, this category represents major media companies that have taken significant equity stakes in (but not outright acquisition of) leading MCNs:

  1. MCN Venture Capital Investment

As opposed to the strategic corporate investments discussed above, here are key multiplatform video/MCN-related venture capital investments:

  1. MCN Strategic Partnerships

As opposed to outright M&A or investment, MCN growth also is fueled by strategic partnerships. Here are a representative few:

  • The Whistle recently announced a major new distribution partnership with Xbox which included a major branded content component with Subaru (August 2014)
  • Mitu Networks recently announced a major new content development and multiplatform distribution partnership with Spanish-language media giant Televisa (August 2014)
  • FC Barcelona will use Dailymotion’s video player on their site, and Dailymotion will launch FC Barcelona channel, dedicated to soccer (announced early August 2014)
  • Fox Sports Digital is partnering with Sporting News Media to share and swap libraries of editorial and video content (announced late July 2014)
  • Conde Nast launches pioneering brand-focused The Scene with content partners including AOL, ABC News, Forbes, BuzzFeed, Vox Media (announced mid-July 2014)
  • The Whistle announces continuous string of megacontent cocreation, codistribution and copromotion deals with the NFL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA Tour, AVP Beach Volleyball, Harlem Globetrotters (ongoing throughout 2014)
  • Maybelline announced a deal with StyleHaul in June 2014 for branded content in its YouTube channels (with StyleHaul videos also appearing in Maybelline’s content hub and on TV)
  • Leading media company Lionsgate and Freddie Wong’s RocketJump Studios agree to a multiyear film, TV and digital content alliance (announced April 2014)
  • Mediakraft and British Pathe announce a major content deal in April 2014 to bring 85,000 videos to YouTube from their historical film archives—4/14

These certainly are key strategic MCN/multiplatform video “moves”—but certainly not all of them.

And, the action is still in its early innings …