Darden Restaurants, Inc. v. Wilson-Hall, No. 1:11—CV—03497—RWS, 2012 WL 5287031 (N.D. Ga. Oct. 22, 2012)

Darden Restaurants, owners of Longhorn Steakhouse, will have to wait a little longer before receiving relief in its suit against Longhorn Wings of the Atlanta area.

Darden named Longhorn Wings, LLC as well as husband and wife team, Anthony and Michelle Hall (not to be confused with 1980’s brat-pack favorite, Anthony Michael Hall) as defendants in a suit for trademark infringement and related claims in the Northern District of Georgia. The court’s opinion made clear that there is indeed trademark infringement, and entered judgment against Michelle. Procedural snags with regards to Anthony and the LLC, however, precluded the court from rendering a judgment as to them at this time.

In light of the procedural delay, the court also decided to hold off on calculating the damages that Michelle is liable for until after the culpability of all named parties can be ascertained.

So, while Darden must surely feel good about its victory against Michelle, it must be equally disappointed that the wait for final relief appears to be far from over.