Over a 12-month period, 32 local school districts in the “On Board” energy efficiency program saved $1.36 million in energy costs, in addition to receiving substantial rebate checks from Dayton Power & Light (DP&L), the Dayton Daily News reports. The “On Board” program is a “joint effort of Waibel Energy Systems, DP&L and the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing Council.” Dayton Public Schools Treasurer Craig Jones said, “[t]hey looked at how we were using energy — from turning off more lights, to making sure on weekends we weren’t heating or cooling buildings (more than necessary). It’s just controlling systems better.” The Dayton Public School District received a rebate check from DP&L for $268,956, while Beavercreek received $184,357 and Miamisburg received $117,468. Twenty-two other districts also received smaller rebates. For more, read the full article.