The Indian Patent Office (IPO), via a public notice dated 10/01/2014 said that the IPO would soon discontinue the use of paper mail system of communication with applicants and agents alike and replace it with e-mails in order to bring in an effective means of communication to ensure transparency in the public delivery system. It is also expected that this form of electronic communication would even be extended to SMS’s in due course of time. As a result the IPO has advised stakeholders/applicants to register their official mobile numbers as well as their e-mail addresses with the patent office.

In addition to this welcomed move by the IPO, it was also informed that in order to authenticate document delivery status by the IPO to the stakeholders, the system of QR (Quick Response) Code would be introduced which would allow the Agent/Applicant to verify the receipt. This form of system would be printed on the AFRs (Application Filing Receipt) which would be issued by the office of the Controller General.