On July 1, 2017, amendments to Ontario’s net metering regulations (O. Reg 541/05) come into effect. As a result of these amendments, it is no longer necessary that equipment be 500 kilowatts or less in rated capacity to be eligible for net metering. Instead, a renewable energy generation facility of any size will be eligible for net metering, provided that it generates electricity primarily for the generator’s own use (with surplus electricity being conveyed to the distribution system) and provided that the generator is not party to any agreement, other than a net metering agreement, for the sale of electricity into the distribution system. In addition, the amendments allow generators to use energy storage in combination with renewable energy systems. To the extent that net metering customers have existing net metering arrangements, they will have the option to enter into new agreements for the purpose of being billed on a net metering basis in accordance with the updated provisions of the net metering regulation.

The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is conducting a policy consultation to determine implementation matters relating to these amendments and to assess whether changes to its policies and codes need to be considered. Further information on the OEB’s net metering consultation can be found on the OEB’s website.