The lowering in the office fees for CTMs which has been discussed for some time is now expected to be introduced in early May 2009.

As yet, OHIM claims separate fees for application and registration of a CTM. In the future, there will be a single CTM fee as is the case in Germany regarding national trademark applications. The office fees will be cut considerably by approximately 40 percent.

For instance, the fee for a CTM applied for online will go down from €1600 to €900; the fee for a CTM applied for by fax or paper from €1750 to €1050; and the fee for an application filed via the Madrid Protocol from €1450 to €870.

Special rules apply regarding applications currently in the pipeline, for which OHIM has not issued the request for payment of the registration fee by the date on which the new fee schedule comes into effect. In this case, only the application fee under the old fee regime will be due (e.g., €750 for an online application). Parties considering CTM applications should hurry up with the application to save even more costs by filing before May 2009.