The Commodity Futures Trading Commission filed a lawsuit against David Smothermon, the former president and head trader of the gas division of an unnamed commodities trading company where he worked, for mismarking natural gas futures and physical positions in his company’s internal bookkeeping system to hide trading losses that ultimately resulted in over US $100 million in losses to his employer. Mr. Smothermon’s alleged mismarking occurred from approximately December 2015 to September 2016; the CFTC’s complaint was filed in a federal court in New York City. Mr. Smothermon resigned from the company in September 2016 purportedly just after being told that the company planned to conduct an audit of the gas division. Mr. Smothermon was charged by the CFTC with violating applicable laws and rules prohibiting fraud by manipulation or deceptive device or contrivance and fraud in connection with futures contracts. In November 2018 Mr. Smothermon was criminally charged for the same essential offenses by the US Department of Justice, also in a federal court in New York City. (Click here to access a copy of Mr. Smothermon’s criminal complaint.) According to at least one blog, the non-identified company that employed Mr. Smothermon was Trammo Inc. (Click here to access the relevant blog.)