On 1 March 2017 the European Commission presented its White Paper on the future of Europe, looking at how Europe will change in the next decade. The White Paper sets out five different scenarios for Europe in 2025: (i) scenario 1: "Carry On", the EU27 focuses on delivering its positive reform agenda; (ii) scenario 2: "Nothing but the Single Market", the EU 27 cannot agree to do more in many policy areas beyond key aspects of the single market; (iii) scenario 3: "Europe at Different Speeds" the EU27 proceeds as today but allows willing Member States to do more together in specific areas; (iv) scenario 4: "Doing Less More Efficiently", the EU27 focuses on delivering more and faster in selected policy areas not acting in where it is perceived not to have an added value; and (v) scenario 5: "Doing Much More Together", Member States decide to do much more together across all policy areas. The White Paper is the contribution of the European Commission to the Rome Summit on 25 March 2017, the moment when the EU will discuss its achievements of the past 60 years but also its future. The White Paper marks the beginning of a process for the EU27 to decide on the future of their Union.