On Wednesday, March 14, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) alerted employers enrolled in ​​its E-Verify employment confirmation program that it will transfer all E-Verify case data to a new interface later this month, and that all open cases must reach a final case result and be closed.

USCIS stated that open cases that have not been accessed for more than 365 days will be closed by E-Verify but will remain accessible to employers as completed or historical cases. Cases that have received a final result (Employment Authorized or Final Non-Confirmation) will also be closed but will remain accessible to employers as completed or historical cases. E-Verify enrolled employers are encouraged to complete and close their cases prior to the deployment date.

Open cases that are not completed but were accessed within the last 365 days will remain open for the employer to continue processing.

As a reminder, E-Verify cases may be identified as having reached a final result in one of the following ways:

  • Employment Authorized - The employee’s information matched DHS and/or SSA records.
  • DHS or SSA Final Non-Confirmation - E-Verify cannot confirm an employee’s employment eligibility after the employee visited SSA or contacted DHS.
  • DHS No Show – The employee did not contact DHS within the required eight federal government workdays.
  • Error: Close case and resubmit - This case cannot continue because the expiration date entered for the employee’s U.S. passport, passport card or driver’s license is incorrect. The employer must resubmit the case in E-Verify.

USCIS directs employers on how to close a case in E-Verify at pages 17-19 of the E-Verify Quick Reference Guide for Employers pages 17-19; E-Verify User Manual 4.0; 4.1 Close Case; 4.2 Case Alert; and 4.1.1 Case Closure statements.