We hereby inform you that the "Migration Code" (Decree 44-2016 of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala) was published on October 18th in the Official Gazzete and will come into force within 60 days.

The new Migration Code updates the existing Guatemalan legislation on migratory matters. It sets out the rules and procedures to exercise the right to migrate. It also regulates the rights, obligations and prohibitions of the immigrants; the entrance and legal permanence of foreigners in Guatemalan territory.

The Code creates the "National Migratory Authority". Said entity will be responsible for the formulation, creation and supervision of the Migratory Policy of Guatemala, as well as for migration security matters.

Additionally, the Code creates the "Guatemalan Migratory Institution" as a decentralized body of the Executive Branch of Guatemala. Such institution will (among other things) execute the Migratory Policy of Guatemala and it will also provide migratory public services in the country.

The documents that currently provide people the status of "temporary resident" or "permanent resident" will remain in force. Every request, administrative procedure and application initiated before the entry into force of the new Code will be ruled and solved in accordance with the previous regulation stipulated in the "Migration Law" (Decree 95-98 of the Congress of the Republic of Guatemala) and its rules for procedure.