Jordan is an up and coming market for renewable energy with vast renewable energy opportunities. Owing to the fact Jordan is highly dependent on imported energy sources, with over 90% of its energy resources currently imported, the Jordanian Government is keen to encourage renewable energy projects with both local and international developers. Furthermore presence in the Jordanian renewable energy market is seen as a precursor for entry into the up and coming Saudi Arabian renewable energy scene which anticipates 54GW by 2032.

The Law

The Renewable Energy and Efficiency Law (“REEL”) was passed in Jordan in April 2012, with the aim of encouraging private investment in renewable energy in Jordan. One feature of the REEL was to create a ‘direct proposal’ provision, in which companies could submit proposals for renewable energy projects directly to the Government. With very few Jordanian renewable energy businesses the Government has made it clear that international investment is to be encouraged. To assist the financing of renewable energy projects, the Jordan Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Fund is in the process of being set up which will be available, by application, to local or international developers and funded by the Government.

Current Tenders

Currently the Jordanian Government is looking to complement Jordan’s existing renewable energy capacity with a Photovoltaic Power Plant Project. The power plant will be located in Quweira and will have a capacity of 65 to 75 MW.

Companies of international standing are being sought to undertake the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) turnkey services required to construct and install the Jordan PV Power Plant Project including but not limited to all required engineering and design, procurement, supply and transportation, construction and installation.