CMS has extended the deadline for all hospitals to request revisions to their wage data and occupational mix data to December 10, 2012.  Medicare administrative contractors/fiscal intermediaries must receive the revision requests and supporting documentation by this date.  The deadline, which previously was December 3, 2012, was extended because the data for many providers was omitted from the FY 2014 preliminary public use files (PUFs) released by CMS on October 3, 2012.  CMS has supplemented the PUFs “to the best of [their] ability” in response to provider inquiries.  CMS has added two additional tabs with provider data previously not included in the October preliminary PUF: 1) for providers that filed on the CMS Form 2552-96 cost report; and 2) for those that filed on the CMS Form 2552-10 cost reports.  CMS notes that it still could not include data of some providers due to technical difficulties with the CMS Form 2552-10 cost reports.  Hospitals affected by Hurricane Sandy should contact their Medicare contractor if they are having trouble meeting the December 10, 2012 deadline.

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