Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be posting a series of blogs in respect of the most recent iteration of the UKBA's guidance (July 2012) for sponsors of overseas students under Tier 4 of the immigration points based system. Each blog post will focus on a distinct provision of the guidance, ranging from compliance visits to the record keeping and monitoring obligations of Tier 4 sponsors and will illustrate the key points that Tier 4 sponsors need to focus on in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of the UKBA. Those familiar with the UKBA guidance will be aware that it has been subject to a number of amendments in the course of various iterations. The guidance is therefore highly fluid in nature and one of the challenges for Tier 4 sponsors is to ensure that they remain up to date with the current guidance in order to ensure that any amendments required to policies, procedures and practices are put into place as swiftly as possible upon revisions being made.
Tomorrow's blog post will focus on an overview of the current criteria for Highly Trusted Sponsor status and what Tier 4 sponsors must do to ensure that they retain HTS in order to be able to continue to sponsor overseas students.