On October 3, Freddie Mac issued Bulletin 2018-17 (Bulletin) to announce temporary revisions to its selling requirements for certain mortgages and borrowers impacted by Hurricane Florence. The Bulletin also reminds servicers that the previously announced temporary reimbursement process for property inspections conducted on or after August 29, 2017, of mortgaged premises located in “Eligible Disaster Areas,” remains in effect. Among other things, the temporary selling requirements: (i) provide that sellers who meet certain requirements will be reimbursed for property inspections completed on and before March 14, 2019; (ii) specify age of documentation requirements that will remain in effect for six months for certain mortgages and borrowers; (iii) provide specific collateral requirements and guidance, including sellers’ responsibilities with respect to property damage, appraisal waivers, and collateral representation and warranty relief—along with notice of updates to Loan Selling Advisor, Loan Quality Advisor, and Loan Product Advisor. The Bulletin notes that the Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide will not be updated to include the temporary requirements and advises sellers and servicers that they must retain a copy of the Bulletin to ensure compliance with these requirements.

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