The New York Stock Exchange LLC (NYSE) proposes to implement the previously approved decommissioning of the requirement that member organizations report program trading activity via the Daily Program Trading Report (DPTR). Because certain entities previously used DPTR data, the NYSE delayed implementing the decommissioning of the DPTR requirement to provide adequate time to coordinate with such entities. The proposed rule change would require member organizations to file the DPTR with respect to the last trade on July 10, and therefore the last required date to submit the DPTR was July 14.  

In lieu of DPTR, the NYSE will utilize existing account type indicator data—which captures program trade information for those orders that are submitted to and executed on the NYSE—to report to the Securities and Exchange Commission on a weekly basis the program trading statistics for portions of program trades executed on the NYSE. Accordingly, beginning on July 23, the NYSE will provide the SEC with its weekly statistics on program trading based on account type indicator data rather than DPTR data. Similarly, at the same time, the weekly statistics regarding program trades that the NYSE provides to media outlets will also be derived from account type indicator data rather than the DPTR.  

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