Resolution of the Parliament nº 34/2014. D.R. nº 86, Series I of 2014-05-06

Advises the  Government to implement measures for the sector of industrial equipment  rental

Ordinance nº 97/2014. D.R. n.º 86, Series I of 2014-05-06

Establishes the amount of payable fees for the recognition of maintenance companies  and inspectorates of lifting plants, for the recognition of professional qualifications  acquired overseas, for the accreditation of training providers and for the performance of  audits and revokes Ordinance nº 912/2003, of 30th August

Order nº 6449/2014. D.R. nº 94, Series II of 2014-05-16

Extension of the term of the FIEAE – Special Real Estate Fund for Support of Companies  - for the additional period of one year

Law nº 29/2014. D.R. nº 95, Series I of 2014-05-19

Authorizes the Government to simplify the access and operation system related to  various activities of trade, services and restaurants, to regulate the professions of  technical persons for funeral services and the professions of the staff for the artificial  tanning centers, to establish a new misdemeanor regime and to provide for the access to  the database of the commercial registry and for the national companies registry, as well  as the consultation of the Tax and Customs Authority database, for the purpose of  commercial records.