On April 15, 2011, the Obama Administration released a final version of its national strategy to increase the security of online transactions and reduce fraud and identity theft on the Internet. The goal of the Administration’s strategy is for the private sector to create an “identity ecosystem” in which consumers would be able to obtain a single credential (e.g., a smart card) that would generate a one-time digital password for use on the Internet. Consumers would be able to use this single credential to log into any website in a more secure fashion than using the plethora of different passwords that they currently use. In addition, the Administration hopes that this strategy would provide significant benefits to businesses, particularly small businesses, by allowing more businesses to conduct their business online without the need to build and manage login systems and user accounts. The Administration’s strategy also calls for additional privacy protections, such as limiting the collection of consumer information online to the minimum needed to accomplish the transaction and meet legal requirements.