From 10 June 2014 there will be changes to the .UK domain names.

From 10 June 2014 Nominet, the .UK registry, will allow domain names to be registered at the second level, i.e. just before the .UK.  Presently it is only possible to register domain names at the third level, i.e. before the .CO in .CO.UK or the .ORG in .ORG.UK.  For example as the registrant of ROUSE.CO.UK, from 10 June we will be able to register ROUSE.UK.    

If you have a unique .CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .NET.UK, .PLC.UK etc, the equivalent .UK will be automatically reserved by Nominet for you until 10 June 2019 provided your unique domain name remains registered.  During that time you can decide whether you want to use the .UK domain instead of or in addition to your existing third-level domain.  

Where two or more parties own the same third-level domain name, e.g. JOHNSMITH.CO.UK, JOHNSMITH.ORG.UK and JOHNSMITH.NET.UK, priority will be given to .CO.UK owners.  To find out if you have the right to register the .UK domain, you can use Nominet’s Look-up tool here.  

If you do not have a .CO.UK domain name registered but you want to register a .UK domain name, you should consider registering a .CO.UK domain name before 08.00 on 10 June 2014.     


  1. If you want a YOURBRAND.UK domain name and do not have YOURBRAND.CO.UK registered, register YOURBRAND.CO.UK before 08.00 on 10 June 2014.
  2. If you have YOURBRAND.CO.UK registered, be aware that from 10 June 2014 you are automatically entitled to YOURBRAND.UK for five years until 10 June 2019.