Governor Cuomo is sending new legislation related to the Coronavirus to New York State lawmakers today. The legislation would protect employees who are required to stay home from work because they are being isolated or quarantined as a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Specifically, the law would prevent New York employers from terminating or otherwise penalizing employees who are unable to come to work due to the Coronavirus. It is presently unclear how the law would define being “unable” to come to work including whether it would protect employees who decide to self-quarantine without being required to by federal, state or local governments or required by the employer. Details are not final and the bill has not yet become a law.

As the situation continues to develop, New York employers must remain abreast of the evolving Coronavirus-related legal landscape. We have previously written on the practical and legal labor and employment considerations for US Employees responding to the Coronavirus, and now New York employers have an additional consideration to pay attention to.