A dispute has arisen over the provision of legal database services in Germany. The principal provider of such services to the German court and judicial authorities is juris GmbH. In 2001, juris GmbH was partially privatised, with the Federal Government continuing to hold just over 50% of the company. The cooperation agreement with the Federal Government was significantly revised and in effect, a new contract was awarded, which the Commission believes, should have gone through a competitive tender. The Commission has also raised concerns that several German Länder (i.e. regional) governments have entered into contracts for legal database services with juris without a public call for tenders. To date, the German Government has refuted the Commission's claims. Germany claims that since market enquiry was carried out which demonstrated that juris GMbH was the only service provider that offered a sufficiently comprehensive service, no competitive tender was required. Following the Commission's reasoned opinion on the issue, the German Government will have a further opportunity to put forward its views before any further formal steps are taken.