The California Contractors State License Board posed this question in its California Licensed Contractor Newsletter, Fall 2013 edition Quick Quiz:

"Can I do anything to have my application processed right away so I can start bidding and working on new jobs?  

a. Yes, but only if you send enough money to pay CSLB employees for their overtime wages.

b. Maybe, depending on the detail in your expedite request letter that describes why the rush is needed, and if the cause/situation is justifiable.

c. No, CSLB won't consider expedites."

Many of you may not know that the answer is "b."

If you are an unlicensed contractor in California and you would like to bid on and to perform work that requires a California contractor's license, if you can articulate why the CSLB should rush your application, consider submitting your license application with a letter requesting that it be expedited. There is no harm in asking. The same does not hold true if you bid for or perform work requiring a license without a license.