We reported last month on the current Scottish Government consultation. We remind readers that the consultation period will end on 31st March 2016. Key players and interest groups are evidently taking a wide view of the extent to which the 2000 Act, and also the Mental Care and treatment (Scotland) Act 2003 and the Adults Support and Protection Act 2007, should be subject to review. We have previously recorded disappointment that even since the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 the adult incapacity jurisdiction has not seen implementation of the recommendation by the Scottish Law Commission (in its Report on Incapable Adults, 1995) that adult incapacity cases should be dealt with by specialist designated Sheriffs. The debate now appears to be moving towards examination of the merits of transferring that jurisdiction to the tribunal system, envisaging the possibility even that the same tribunals might handle matters under all three Acts, with the objective of bringing specialist competence to all three, and also bridging perceived lack of coordination between the three jurisdictions.