[2008] LTLPI 15.04.09  

Claimant aged 22 years at settlement, underwent appendectomy at Defendant hospital when 4 years old. Following surgery it was recorded that she had passed blood rectally and abdomen was tender. Blood transfusion carried out and barium enema test undertaken, results of which showed protrusion through the caecum and ascending colon. Laparotomy performed through 17cm midline incision, which later developed into a keloid scar.  

The Claimant alleged that had appendectomy been carried out to a reasonable standard, the further operation could have been avoided and she would not have been left with an unsightly scar. During growth spurts, the scar cracked and bled. It was expected that in pregnancy the scar would break requiring scar revision and umbilical reconstruction. There was a risk of further complications from peritoneal adhesions.  

Out of court settlement: £30,000 (estimated General Damages £15,000).