PRA publishes FSCS levy statement: PRA has published a policy statement confirming the final management expenses levy limit for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for 2014/2015. PRA and FCA together have approved the limit, which has been set at £80 million. (Source:PRA Publishes FSCS Levy Statement)

PRA makes new rules: In addition to its rules on the FSCS management expenses limit, PRA has made the PRA Fees (Miscellaneous Amendments) Instrument 2014, amending the Glossary and FEES from 1 April to mirror relevant changes to FCA rules. It is also consulting on miscellaneous changes to its rules, and asks for comments by 15 April. (Source: PRA Fees Amendments and PRA Consults on Minor Amendments)

PRA consults on fees: BoE is consulting on PRA's fees and levies for 2014/2015.  Its paper confirms the budgeted cost of ongoing regulatory activities and explains the changes in fee-block allocation from last year. It also confirms PRA will continue to levy special project fees for Solvency II. In principle, the deposit acceptors fee-block will see a decrease, mainly because of previous year underspends, while insurers will see an increase which reflects the greater involvement of PRA supervisory staff in insurance work. PRA will have a minimum fee of £500, raised in line with its annual funding requirement. PRA plans to consult on application fees later this year. It asks for comment by 30 May. (Source: PRA Consults on Fees)

PRA and Pensions Regulator sign MoU: PRA and the Pensions Regulator have signed an MoU so they can co-operate and co-ordinate their regulatory activities. (Source: PRA and Pensions Regulator Sign MoU)