A Board administrative law judge has upheld the right of musicians to handbill at the entrances to the Tobin Center in San Antonio to protest the use of recorded music, instead of a live orchestra, at performances by the city ballet of Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty. The musicians, who were not employees of the San Antonio Ballet or of the Tobin Center, were directed to move back from the entrances to public property across the street on the ground that crowding at the entrances presented risks, including risks of terror attacks. The American Federation of Musicians, Local 23, filed an unfair labor practice charge, and the ALJ determined that the private property rights of the Center were not sacrosanct. Although the musicians were not employees, they regularly performed at the Center and for the ballet, and therefore the ALJ found that they should have the same rights as off-duty employees. Moreover, the ALJ found, the Center failed to produce any persuasive evidence that the handbilling significantly interfered with Center operations or presented a terrorism risk. Will the Republican-majority Board become the Center’s handsome prince?