The Advisory Note sets out a policy concerning the waiver of information requirements provided for under section 106(8)(a) of CEPA, 1999 for naturally occurring micro-organisms with a low hazard potential.

The Minister will consider granting a waiver with respect to a naturally occurring micro-organism with a low hazard potential if the micro-organism meets the following six criteria. The micro-organism must:

  1. be found naturally in the Canadian environment and its genome must not be modified;
  2. have a history of safe use;
  3. not be known as a cause of disease in healthy or vulnerable humans;
  4. not be known as a plant pathogen nor an animal pathogen;
  5. not produce toxins, or by-products known for having negative effects on environment or human health; and
  6. not be known to be invasive (i.e. not having the ability to establish itself, persist, out-compete indigenous species, take over the new environment and threaten biological diversity).

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