On April 7, 2015, the International Organization of Securities Commissions launched two consultations on business continuity plans for trading venues and for market intermediaries which aim to address weaknesses and gaps in the business continuity plans and recovery strategies of trading venues and market intermediaries. The first consultation report, “Mechanisms for Trading Venues to Effectively Manage Electronic Trading Risks and Plans for Business Continuity,” focuses on how trading venues manage technology and the potential risks arising from technological developments and electronic trading. The second consultative report, “Market Intermediary Business Continuity and Recovery Planning,” proposes standards for regulators and sound practices for market intermediaries whilst recognizing that not all of the sound practices are suitable for each type of intermediary. Both consultations close on June 6, 2015. 

The consultation papers are available at: http://www.iosco.org/news/pdf/IOSCONEWS376.pdf.