The Commission has approved the proposed acquisition of Life Technologies Corp. (“Life Technologies”) by its rival Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. (“Thermo Fisher”), subject to conditions. Both parties to the acquisition are US-based companies active in life science markets. Thermo Fisher is active in the production and supply of analytical instruments and laboratory consumables (e.g. reagents) across almost all experimental science fields, including life sciences, chemistry and physics. Thermo Fisher also operates a strong multi-brand distribution business for scientific products, Fisher Scientific. Life Technologies is specialized in producing analytical instruments and laboratory consumables for life sciences where it is the overall market leader and also market leader in a significant number of sub-markets. The parties’ activities overlap in the supply of laboratory instruments and consumables. The Commission’s investigation revealed that, the acquisition as initially notified, risked to significantly impede competition in the European Economic Area (“EEA”) with respect to the production and supply of (i) media and sera for cell culture, (ii) gene silencing products and (iii) polymer-based magnetic beads. To address the Commission’s concerns, Thermo Fisher committed to divest its (i) HyClone business regarding media and sera for cell culture, (ii) its gene modulation business in Lafayette, Colorado, US, including the Dharmacon and Open Biosystems brands, equipment, staff and its license regarding the Tuschl patents and (iii) its polymer-based magnetic beads business. In view of these commitments, the Commission concluded that the proposed acquisition would not significantly impede effective competition in the EEA or in any substantial part thereof. Source: Commission Press Release 26/11/2013